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November 4, 2012


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Competition End: 12th December

Edit3 Hello all! I'm ridiculously excited by the entries I'm seeing for this competition. They're just... argh I can't even describe it! Amazing. It'll be very hard to pick winners out of this lot when I just want to take them all. But I'll manage. Anyway the point of this update is that I'm extending the competition by a week. One reason is that I'm having major net issues since I came back home and so might not be prepared or available to judge winners by or after the 5th and also I know some people who want to enter are struggling with time due to their own commitments. Remember you can enter two designs (only if you want) and who knows, it could increase your chances!
I hope this has been fun for those who have entered! Keep it up guys, you've got all this extra time now :D

Edit2: Some dingo coat colours for inspiration.…………

Edit: There's been some confusion with what I mean by 'the character should fit in with the already designed one'. This does not mean the markings and colours should be the same. This means only that if you were to put one next to the other that they would look like they work together. Take note that wild dingoes can come in at least three dramatically different coat colours (tan, black and white... on occasion brown) and variations of these will be welcomed. This rule is basically a way of suggesting control on hues, saturation and patterning. Consider what shapes work well with each other and what colours can stand beside each other. Eg. fluro orange stands out far too much against a more subtle greyed orange. No one member of the pack should stand out to much is my point.
I hope this clears things up.


Hey all!
There's something I've been putting off for ages due to Uni and personal matters to the point where I can't motivate myself to do it anymore. That and also I've been really admiring what other people can design when the product is not for themselves. So what I would like to propose is something that I've seen done before VERY successfully.

For the next month I'd like to run a character design contest.
I've got a pack of dingoes I'd like to complete and seeing as the alpha of this pack was designed by someone else, it seemed fitting that the pack itself should be designed by others as well. These characters are for future use, hopefully for a project I'm working on, and otherwise I will devise some use for them to make sure they are seen often. I already have ideas.

Here is the alpha of the pack designed by KaiserTiger
Alpha of the Outback -trade- by KaiserTigerAdura Reference Sheet by Silvixen

I would like the rest of the pack to fit in with this design. I would like the designs to be original and creative. Have fun with it.
Try and keep the pelt colours natural and the markings applicable to a dingo. In other words bright red and blue characters with purple spots won't have much chance. If in doubt take a look at my existing characters and you'll see what I like.
Feel free to add accessories; don't go overboard and once again try to keep them natural, even tribal.

Summary and final information:
- Your character should fit in with the one already designed above.
- You may enter two designs.
- Keep your designs creative but natural.
- Your character/s can be of any gender or age.
- Please don't use existing line art for your design.
- Link your designs in this journal.
- If I choose your design I will credit you in its character sheet. From then on I reserve the right to claim the character as my own and will credit you only when asked about or complimented on the design. It will not be credited for every picture and you will not own the character if chosen. You must be okay with this.

The all important prizes
First of all, there is an undetermined number of winners.
I need a pack... A PACK... of dingoes and dependant on how many designs I like there could be any number of winners.
These winners will receive a full colour head/torso image of a chosen character with a simple background. (Considering the month they might even be seasonal images, but that's up to you!)

I really hope you guys participate. The more successful it is the more fun it's going to be to pick winners!
Happy drawing! HAVE FUN!

Competition End: 12th December

Happy dingo is happy by SareneaLexis(?) (Dingo design for Silvixen) by iFoxSpiritReddi by CodeFlyDingo Design Contest by Painted-ShadowSlater (Dingo Design for Silvixen) by iFoxSpirit:thumb339785866:Diego contact sheet by AnimewolfdensetsuShanoe - Character Design Competition by Nyrinaentry for silvixen's contest by leticiaprestesNaia (Design for Silvixen's Dingo Contest) by ErexisDesign for ThatsRawrtasticxD by Ekc6
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Ekc6 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
[link] FINISHED :,D
Ekc6 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Done mine I shall be uploading it and linking it to you soon :D I hope you like it
Erexis Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh...finished finally. Here you go:


I hope I'm not too late with my entry. ^^;
Erexis Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huhh...finished. Here you go:

I hope I'm still in time. ^^;
leticiaprestes Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
my entry!:D [link]
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This journal is hard to keep track of.
Silvixen Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
It's pretty insane I know. But I always stick my updates at the top.
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Started today and the outlines are finished :heart:
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